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Stone Landscaping Ideas

Stone landscaping is another great way to create accents and custom looks in your yard. This is a unique way to make your hardscapes fit in attractively, rather than be an eyesore.

As a landscaping company, we see many different designs and plans for yards and gardens. We find if stone landscaping is poorly handled, it really detracts from the overall effect. On the other hand, when it is done right, it can enhance the beauty of the greenscape and home as well. Walls, walking paths and even patios all use stone, and can all be used in unison with your landscaping. Whether you need to harden a path that is frequently used, or you want to have a small rock garden, we have the perfect stone for you. One of our designers would be happy to come out and give you a free estimate at any time, so call us today!

There are many different stone options available. If you want to continue and enhance the natural look that comes with trees and bushes, natural stone is a good choice. It is very strong and very dense, and always retains the natural look that it had before it left the quarry. On the other hand, if you prefer something shaped by hand, the choices are nearly endless. In a modern or contemporary home, neat rows of bricks in a light color might be the perfect solution. When it comes to stone landscaping, "custom" is the name of the game. Contact us right away to get started on your ideas.

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Stone Landscaping Design

Natural stone is cut from quarries and then processed to become the final product that you see. Whether you choose a stone that has been tumbled, antiqued, chiseled, sandblasted, flamed, honed and polished depends entirely on the look that you want. Stone landscaping design allows you to make your yard or garden look exactly the way you want. Plano Outdoor Stone LandscapersAs a landscaping company, we are committed to making sure our work is the best in the industry. You can be sure that we will make your idea become a reality. Sit down with one of our designers and start the creative process today.

Creating a beautiful stone landscaping design is more than just dropping rocks in the yard. We will walk you through the process of deciding what you want, and where you want it. The slope of your yard, your existing trees and bushes, and the style of your home all have to be considered prior to starting. Once you have determined what and where, we will show you a number of different options for the material. Size, shape, color and finish are all important to ensuring your stone landscaping meshes perfectly with the rest of the home and garden. We are looking forward to coming to you garden and giving you a free on site consult very soon!

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