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Retaining Wall Design Ideas

Retaining walls provide a useful, sometimes vital, function but can also create a great look in your yard or garden. When you are ready to improve your hardscapes, consider making the slopes of the terrain look exactly the way you want.

If the hills on your property are preventing you from achieving some of your backyard dreams, there is a solution. Do not let the thought of a retaining wall intimidate you. When properly joined to your landscaping plan, they can be a workhorse that also has an attractive look. You can use them to level your turf to create a tiered patio, or you can simply flatten a hilly area. The materials and building styles used to construct the wall can have many different effects. This presents you another option in making your garden your own space. Why not share your ideas with one of our landscape architects during a free on-site consult?

The retaining wall has a very important job to do in your yard. Do not let that preclude the idea that it can't look great too! If you use the wrong materials and building methods, it could very well be an eyesore. When it is done right; however, it can be a visually pleasing focal point in your yard. It does not need to be a competition between form and function! Whether we go complex or simple, large or small, there are many different ways to make your ideas work. The different colors and shapes of rock can enhance the look of any landscaping. Contact us today to get a free estimate for your back yard paradise.

retaining wall design

Retaining Wall Design

It goes without saying that the design must handle the soil and drainage in your yard. This requires knowledge of soil density and building methods. The height that we build your retaining wall to and the materials we use will dictate how big an effect it can have on your sloping terrain. We can handle any challenge you throw at us. You will especially appreciate the way your yard looks after we finish the job. If you need a landscaping company, bring us in to build a wall that fits seamlessly with your garden.

Our design process will focus on what you want your yard to become. There is no limit to how large a retaining wall we can build, but we will not try to push something on you that does not fit your vision. If you just need to level the ground for a medium sized patio, you might not need a very large wall. On the other hand, if you are looking for an elevated area that overlooks a pool or pond, it will be a significantly larger project. You can be sure that it will end up with a great natural look either way. Why wait? Call our experts right away.

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