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Paving Stone Ideas

Paving stones have many advantages, both in appearance and utility. When it comes time to install your hardscapes, this is an option that you must consider.

Time for a new driveway? Walkway or path? Maybe a new patio? Do not have a landscaping company start the work until you have learned about paving stones. This ancient technique can give your home a gorgeous, unique look. It may be an ancient method, but in this area, builders have recently started embracing it because it is so versatile and so popular among homeowners. This is a long term solution to your landscaping needs; experts agree that it is frequently more durable than a poured concrete driveway. Our professionals are more than happy to give you a free on site consult, so contact us before you make a hardscaping decision.

Paving stones are very durable because they allow for changes in the earth. Whereas a large slab of poured concrete is constantly under stress if the soil underneath changes in the least, well laid pavers are set in packed sand. You won't see it, but this allows for the tiny shifts that cause problems in concrete. It is easy to see why anything made with paving stones will last longer than a poured surface. Our landscape architects can give you an estimate quickly. So, give us a call today!

Do not let us mislead you. Paving stones are durable and versatile, but that does not take away from their aesthetic appeal. Just the opposite is true, actually. The many colors, shapes and size of pavers give you a limitless number of options. The fusion between your hardscaping and your greenscaping is much more robust when you have the ability to put patterns into a driveway or patio. You may prefer a more rustic look with irregular size stones to match a classic American farm yard look. That will never happen with poured concrete. Let's get your creative energy working to bring and let us show you the potential your landscape has waiting!

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Concrete Paving Stone

Natural paving stones and bricks are one option. Another choice is preformed concrete. This is a good way to go because you can get basically any color and size you can imagine. It is also easy to get the shape you want. Does your pattern require a series of six sided stones? We can make it happen. These pavers still give us more durability than poured concrete because they come formed from the factory. Pouring at home requires wet concrete, which is not as strong as dry concrete. If you are ready for the exceptional look and long lasting durability of pavers, we are ready to help you. Do not hesitate to call our landscapers to see how well concrete paving stones can match your home.

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